You are looking for a quick and easy WordPress tutorial for your first steps because you want to learn WordPress?

You want to get the most important things taught in the shortest time possible?

Then I have something for you!

5 minutes of compressed content so you can get started setting up your site right away!

Everything’s in it: installation, configuration, design and plugins, right up to the first post!

Have fun!

And read on if you want to know MORE about WordPress and my recommendations for my three favorites!

What is a WordPress Tutorial?

This is a training course to help you learn the basic techniques of this CMS.

You will be taught how to use the whole thing, how the structure is, and of course how to pay attention to what has to be done.

There are some things you should keep in mind when choosing a paid seminar that I will explain to you in this article.

I also give you my Top 3 to find the best WordPress tutorial out there.

Which WordPress Tutorial costs arise?

First of all, you have to distinguish whether you want it in the form of a video course, or whether the printed version, so to speak, is enough for you. Because there are also enough books to WordPress.

Since I think it is easier to learn something visually, I recommend a multimedia offer.

The prices vary between 29 €, up to 129 €, whereby one has to say here of course that the extent is different depending on the price.

What content should be covered?

At least it should be explained to you:

  • Installation and Configuration
  • operation
  • plug-ins
  • themes
  • Safety and security
  • speed check
  • search engine optimization

A WordPress tutorial can help you get started with the use of and give you tips on how to perform a safe and successful installation!

Installation Configuration and operation

Advice on how to install and use the administration interface.


The topic Plugins is about what should not be missing in any case.


At the point Themes you go to where you can either get very cheap designs from, or for free extremely beautiful graphic themes can get.

Safety and security

The issue of security is extremely relevant, and there should be information on how you can improve it.

speed check

How can you make the page faster? And how can you find out what makes a website slow?

search engine optimization

Especially beginners make a lot of mistakes when it comes to search engine optimization, as they never really stick to setting up the page correctly.

Here should be explained how to perform real WordPress SEO.

All this should be taught in a WordPress Tuturial!

Is the WordPress Tutorial available in German?

Of course I am! The courses I present to you are all available in German.

Of course there are also international courses, in English, but these are not part of my recommendation.

I am looking for a WordPress Tutorial for free!

Yes, there are.

For this I recommend the following website:

Of course, here you have, just so to speak, the printed version.

You have to keep in mind that the content of a paid course is of course more detailed, you can also consult the creator of the whole course!

Therefore, for the introduction, if the WorPress tutorial is free is quite o.k., but if you want to learn WP quickly and easily, I recommend you the paid variant.

So I have also many years ago, and made the fastest progress.


  • Click here for Alexander’s WPvideocourse

What else should I keep in mind when buying a WordPress Tutorial?

In addition to the minimum requirements for the training content, also note these points.

Look at the price!

The low-cost versions usually have a shorter scope. And, if you buy the more expensive packages, you usually have several hours of material.

You must decide for yourself what is important to you: to learn all the basic things there are to master, or whether you really want to get into it in more detail.

That also determines the price.

See that it is eon German provider who also uses WP on his website.

Because, to be honest, you should already be extensively involved in this area so that you also have the experience to create a course from it.

Alexander, for example, has been using WP since 2008, and has it in use on numerous pages.

Which payment system does the provider use?

I find it very important that in this day and age, your data, and also the payment option is protected.

So at least Digistore24 or a combination of webshop and PayPal should be used.

So your payment data, and also your personal information, are on the safest possible side.

What is the predominant impression?

How friendly is the site? Is there a way to make good contact, by e-mail, phone, Facebook?

Is there a money back guarantee?

You have to be concerned: this is a voluntary service!

In the case of software downloads, the German revocation does not always apply.

I think every honest and serious provider of a WordPress tutorial should offer this.

Is there a preview?

So that you can get yourself can make fundamental considerations as to whether the course suits you? Because sometimes the voice is decisive or the speaking speed, and also in general the structure of how one teaches. This must also fit to the personal inclinations.

How current is the price?

It is already a fundamental difference whether the version 2.x, 3.x, or 4.x is explained.

The underlying system is of course still the same.

But over the years a lot has changed!

Therefore, the price should also be current, and really not older than a year ago.

And, is there any information on how to make WordPress secure?

Because I think the basics, too, belong in this class.

It also includes at least one module on how to make the website safe from harmful attacks!

WordPress complete course from INGO for 77€

The contents

  • What’s a good hoster?
  • Install WordPress with just a few mouse clicks.
  • Contributions and comment function.
  • Add pictures and media and videos.
  • Installation of themes and plugins.
  • Data protection and imprint.
  • Navigation via menus.


  • 42 lessons.
  • Five hours of video.
  • 30 days money back guarantee.
  • Immediate activation.

Introductory course WordPress by Sandra for 129€

The contents

  • Domain and Webhosting
  • WordPress Installation
  • WordPress Login
  • dashboard
  • profile settings
  • website title
  • Contributions and pages
  • website creation
  • Insert image
  • Insert Gallery
  • permalinks
  • Publish text
  • Create Categories
  • The keywords
  • The contribution picture
  • contribution options
  • Create Pages
  • comments
  • Install Theme
  • Theme Options
  • Create menu
  • The Widgets
  • plug-ins
  • User
  • tools
  • settings


  • Bonus videos on important WordPress topics such as security or backup.
  • member area
  • script
  • 4 hours
  • 53 Videos

WPvideocourse by Alexander Becker

The contents

  • basic installation
  • Permalinks Structure
  • The Dashboard
  • New blog postings
  • Create Pages
  • Formatting Images
  • plug-ins
  • themes
  • How to use widgets
  • Check SPAM comments
  • Akismet in use
  • Simple contact form
  • Customize contact form
  • Create and manage users
  • menu
  • Integrate Youtube videos
  • Increase user friendliness for visitors in
  • Using Ping and Update Services
  • Revisions explained simply
  • Click here for Alexander’s WPvideocourse


  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • 25 videos
  • Click here for Alexander’s WPvideocourse

interim conclusion

As you can see now, you have received a good overview of what is so recommendable on the German market!

Conclusion: My favorites

  • Click here for Alexander’s WPvideocourse

You now know which best WordPress tutorial I recommend to you, and duhast also learned what to look out for when buying! And I hope you also watched my 5 minute quick start!

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