There are WordPress themes that are characterized by minimalism in design and layout. Here are examples of minimalist WordPress themes. Nevertheless, one can focus on quality and content in the article.

Minimalist Layouts – Minimalist WordPress Themes

The Best of Minimalism in WordPress Themes gave me the idea to write something about it.

Minimalism is justified if the focus remains on the following points:

  • Fast page setup, easy navigation.
  • Does the layout match my content?
  • Can I gain an advantage through minimalism?

So a “simple” layout would not fit to a “funky” page. Likewise, a “hip” design would make factually sober contributions appear in a bad light.

The successful mixture does it. Just look at your own RSS readers! Aren’t these also minimalism? Doesn’t this make it easier to read a page? Don’t you get less distracted? Surely one concentrates more clearly on the content!

To present you some suitable themes:

  • underscore
  • Scheme Light

Unfortunately one of the taboos is broken again: You don’t use sans serif and sans serif fonts at the same time. It seems unprofessional. I would therefore recommend using a sans serif font, or looking for appropriate themes.

Also here other minimalist WordPress themes:


A nice idea, but in my eyes it alienates the principles of usability:

  • Semantic award.
  • Scanning not possible.
  • 1 idea per paragraph.

I’m just afraid I’m going too far myself now.

Other examples of minimalist WordPress themes / templates:


Minimalism in itself, but the Most of the space and thus the potential with elements such as unnecessary large graphics or an ollem instead of great calendar paved.

Beautiful more examples of minimalist WP themes:


Therefore minimalism on a homepage does not mean the same long while.

With appropriate semantic awards, pictures to loosen up the content and a strong structure of the contributions, it is possible to highlight what the majority of users are interested in: Quality Content!