I wrote down the concept and design of the WordPress blog – Blogfeuer – with pen and paper before creating the electronic pages.

Elements to be considered

  • What do I want to communicate with my homepage? The site will initially deal with technical topics, WordPress and design elements of other sites.
  • What content structure should my site have? WordPress does not provide a fixed navigation. A CMS-like menu structure is not required. Long, heavily structured blogs can be the disadvantage. Therefore I will sort contributions thematically into categories. I’ll add tags later. The Categories menu will also be thinned out later.
  • How is this graphically redesigned? Since I’m still very fresh with WordPress, it’s possible that the themes can change until I find something that suits my taste. But from my experience with Joomla I know that I prefer to customize existing templates.
  • Which functions should the page contain? It should contain the essential functions. Imprint pages, a contact form, a sitemap, clear menu and navigation structure. The implementation is a bit more complex at the beginning, because several possibilities and plugins have to be tested.
  • Which extensions do I need? I’m still very much at the beginning. Therefore the site is still in alpha stage for some time. There are a lot of plugins, a lot of good ideas. Really few plugins you really need. But these can be decisive and they have to be found.

Pen and paper – Pen and paper

I wrote these thoughts down in writing. A visual concept is a better practical implementation of ideas. Just as every writer should occasionally use a typewriter, a web author / designer / homepage operator should occasionally write down his ideas on paper.


I assume that also in the future the blog will change. If the topics will be WordPress and homepages, it is also to be thought that I will take up other categories of everyday life.

And outlook

Blog fire does not directly mean the concentration on one topic. It should be a basis for my contents. Thanks to WordPress, a simple and practical basis is provided.