Italy, and Tuscany in particular, is dotted with natural hot springs rich in minerals that have been used by people since the ancient Romans for their health and beauty. Read the article to the end to discover the best destinations with thermal springs in Italy.

If you are interested in a holiday in the mountains, you must visit Italian thermal springs once in your life. Here you can relax and try out various extreme sports. For casino fans there are numerous game offers on the website which you can test online on the go. Below you will find the best tips & tricks for recreation.

Italian region attracts more and more tourists

According to official statistics, waterfalls are in vogue among travellers from all over the world. There you will feel fit and awake, because hot springs are nature’s best resource. Tuscany has many natural hot springs in its territory, from the Lunigiana in the north to the Val d’Orcia in the south. While many hot springs today are part of closed spa centers, you have many opportunities to relax and pamper yourself. In addition, you can enjoy a relaxing holiday in this region at any time of the year. Such a trip offers you several advantages:

  • a good attraction for relaxation from stress;
  • the minirals from the hot water heal the human body and take care of a better well-being;
  • Internal diseases, skin diseases and muscle pain can be eliminated thanks to minerals;

There are other places that offer their visitors a hot bath. It’s about Saturnia. Before you visit the springs, make a stop and take some time to explore Saturnia, a small town in the Maremma. It is situated on a hill overlooking the famous thermal springs. This busy little village is located near an Etruscan necropolis along the Roman road Clodia, which is located between the roads Aurelia and Cassia.

The city became a hiding place for outlaws in the 1300s and was burned down and largely forgotten until the thermal water reappeared. It was owned by Siena until the 16th century, when it became part of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany.

bottom line

Hot springs are very popular not only among tourists, but also among locals. Italians like to come all year round, especially as the water stays luxuriously warm at 37.5°C or 99.5°F. Such bodily disorders as skin, digestive and circulatory problems or high blood pressure can be overcome thanks to minerals.

Finally, one can admit that a trip to Italy is not only perfect for families with small children, but also for young people. In order to stay fit after a hard working week, you should take a weekend holiday. Italy and its thermal springs are waiting for new visitors.