Something archive – my old page still found..Back then still somewhere as a subdomain with a provider… Now on your own domain… A nice example of internet history, my wayback machine so to speak!

About my homepage
The beginnings:
From the beginning to November

About June 30th I started with my HP. (of course 98!!)
The basic structure was already finished (for what boring school lessons are good…;-) ) and I tried to load my HP pages on my 1&1 webspace for over half an hour. But in vain.

The next day I played Diablo over and saw the commercial for The and its 6MB HP slot (that’s no commercial!) and immediately clicked on it. They weren’t fast and otherwise bad, but I could finally fiddle with the HP.

In the end I registered twice as a user. But I could upload.


A thank you goes to all, who feel addressed with the structure of this HP, and helped it energetically.
Oops! That was almost nobody! Anyway, it is what it is. Good.
But everything is designed by myself, all frame pages more than ever! A little thanks goes to all the other web stylists from whom I got some suggestions.
But everything on HTML pages is only created with a text editor! Even after almost a year of HP tinkering, I still write myself. Although errors often come in, but everything is as _I_ want it.

In December I also signed up for XOOM, the temptation to get 11 MB and not have any advertising on the HP was really big! (Note 2010 – I now have 5000 MB 🙂 )
Reasons: Sure, the advertising that Globe put on the old HP was really not friendly! The speed, of them were not beautiful at all!

But the hammer comes now:
XOOM became nothing! I just couldn’t sign up, but I got nice advertising! Although I couldn’t help it!
There you go, Then we send a request to the webmaster to delete the account:

Your account has been removed per your request. Xoom Webmaster

So it was done.

Marco-Icon Now to Marco Moder

I only know him through 1&1 and mailen. And he has agreed, no, almost forced me( 😉 Marco, you understand*g*) to drop my HP with him.
Well, the upload was always done by mail, it was just a lot of work, there was already an ISP change and 5MB of wonderful webspace, which you can see here. I didn’t have to sue Marco like that anymore. But nice of him to have a portal page lying around.

All HTML was created with a text editorYes, everything you see here on HP was created with a text editor (editpad) only.

internet stories

Provider and Co
In February 98 I sent the application to my ex-ISP, 1&1.1 month ! (anno 1999, 2010 also at 1und1) at 1&1, later, I already gave up hope, came the registration! In the form of bank documents. You could only get the good price with a bank account:((

After 3 weeks ! came the internet software and my access data.
Immediately I tried to log in with my modem built in by the manufacturer of the computer. But in vain.
Almost every day I tried to dial in, it didn’t work!
So my access bobbed around unused at 1und1 and my mother got angry because it didn’t work.

After two or three weeks, it was already the end of May, I went to Vobis and bought a new modem and plugged it in immediately, it worked!
After I had fixed the first password problems, nothing stood in the way of my Internet pleasure.

The old modem, a few weeks later I found out that it was only on the wrong telephone cable, there is a difference, whether you try to use the modem with a cable for additional devices or with a normal telephone cable, only with a cable for additional devices you get in, have I gave it away, it was too slow anyway.
My new provider:
Well, 1and1 became expensive for me in the long run, and their performances got worse and worse. And to make matters worse, in the last few months, you were thrown off the line for no reason.

All this forced me to look for a new provider.
Yes, you are reading correctly. I am now with a new provider.nacamar
Let me explain:
I’m sure you’ve noticed that I’ve been looking for a new ISP for some time now.
So, my eyes fell on nacamar. They have good test scores, and so, they’re not too bad.


I send a mail to their customer service and ask where to register and what their current situation is like.
Two days! (=quickly) later came an answer from them, in which they informed me, and gave me friendly advice.
First impression: Friendly, good.
I downloaded her registration form, printed it out and handed it over to my mother.
A week later, meanwhile there was already the cancellation of 1-1, the 24.11, we sent the registration by mail.
On 27.11. came the confirmation and the documents… Password, User-Id …
So not even a week and you can surf over the surf!

So, I tested it right away. And I came in!

Unfortunately I went to the Net at noon, right after school, to test = most expensive time, so I could not stay long in it. But the first 7 minutes I spent with a fast connection!

I’ll keep you posted!
nacamar is very good! Well, from time to time you are thrown off the line, very rarely!, but otherwise they are very fast. Only 39DM per month, it’s not cheap, but OK, better than 1-1. (Note 39DM per month, plus phone charges local dialing per minute…) IRC then about 2 DM per hour … )

My hobbies

Mountain biking!
I don’t feel like it too often, and now in winter it’s still possible. Worse: I don’t feel like driving around in the cold and mud. But once I’m on the saddle, I’ll go down the streets at 60. (No kidding!!)

As you can see, the Internet!

(HTML/HP Design, NGs, E-Mail, Gamen, Mailen… depending upon Gusto *g* ).
At the end of January, when I had gotten a bad cold, I took my second novel into my hands. He wasn’t the best, but I had something to do while I was sick.

I can recommend “The Pillars of the Earth, Ken Follet”, a very good medieval novel.
Who the fuck are you?!
THE AM ICH.Ah oui!C’est moi in Latin lessonsI,

To the photo: And I am not as fat as it looks on the picture! 54 kilos and 1.74 large. It was just in Latin lessons, which I attended for 1 year as a third foreign language and then liked to get out as soon as possible!

Listen so hardcore and techno, but I’m very open to other directions, and love the old Blind Guardian songs, though you also, visit my project vq HP, 100% not legal *g* but I hate everything about rap, gangsta rap, and so I can’t hear!

I’m a fan of StarTrek, I love Next Generation!
And by the way, during the summer holidays I used to disguise Klingon, not much better than Latin!*g*
Just take a look at my Star Trek zone!
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