bild2A special wedding day is the golden wedding, because this was already proven in the year 1600. Just when this unique anniversary is over, one would like to thank with a special thank-you. After the Golden Wedding, thank you cards are usually distributed to all congratulators and guests. But what has to be considered now with such thank-you cards?

First of all, the message of thanks should be personal and it is therefore important that the card contains a picture of the married couple and personal words, as you can see here. Personal thank you notes can be accompanied by self-chosen texts or a suitable poem. Sample texts can also be found at any time on the Internet, in books or sometimes even in legacies. If the most beautiful pictures of the celebration are added, your thanks are perfect.

bild1Usually, thank you cards for the Golden Wedding are addressed to all guests present at the celebration. It is an opportunity to thank each guest personally. It is very nice when the name of the guest is specifically mentioned and the most important persons are mentioned in a few words. So one could surprise particularly committed helpers or close people with a special thank you. You can also mention the most beautiful gift or the dearest person, if she is especially close to you. There is no more beautiful way to be with your loved ones and for the To thank coming guests as a personally formulated message.
Design the thank you card so that you can pass it on with a good feeling. Do not try to exaggerate, even if this day meant something special to you. A simple card and a few personal words are enough to express this.
For this special thank-you message, be sure to choose your favourite design and the colour and typeface you think will best reflect the day of your Golden Wedding. You can easily create such cards online and try different combinations.

Make sure that the chosen pictures, colours or motifs may also contain a personal message. You can personalise the miracle cards with your own address labels and sign them in a different font colour. Thank you cards for the golden wedding may not be missing in any set, because only so you round the day off finally. It is an unforgettable day, when one thanked for the beautiful gesture and the coming of the guests. It is important that your guests can remember how much they enjoyed the gifts and the celebration of the day.