Those who like to read magazines and magazines know that good trade journals and other magazines cost a lot of money in the long run. While some magazines appear only once a month or per quarter, other magazines are published weekly. Even if the magazine costs only a few Euros, we get a quite reasonable sum, which we leave at the kiosk during the year for our reading fun.

But as a magazine reader you can also save a lot of money by using a subscription. In this case, the magazines are automatically delivered to your home at regular intervals and the costs for a subscription are usually much lower than if you had to buy the issues individually.

But it’s cheaper than that:

Premium subscriptions are not only inexpensive and can save money on individual issues, but they also often include small gifts or discounts that make the subscription particularly attractive for savers. Cash bonuses, non-cash bonuses or discounts on other magazine subscriptions are not uncommon. But the publisher’s own events and business partners also lure customers with premiums and discounts. So you see, the list of benefits of a premium subscription is long.

Premium subscriptions are offered by many specialist magazines, but also by weekly newspapers and television magazines. Depending on the provider, the premiums and savings vary when ordering a subscription. Nevertheless, one can fundamentally assume that it is far better to take out a premium subscription than to buy the magazine individually.

The advantages of a premium subscription at a glance:

  • Delivery directly to your home
  • Gifts for readers and gifts in kind
  • lower price per single issue
  • You’ll never miss an issue again
  • You don’t run risk the issue doesn’t more to get
  • Discounts on renewal of the subscription

You can easily order premium subscriptions via the homepage of the individual trade journals, by post or by e-mail directly to the publisher or the reader service. But online magazine providers also offer the service of ordering premium subscriptions via the Internet. With just a few clicks, you too can quickly access your premium subscription and save cash with it!

How do you feel about premium subscriptions? Do you prefer to buy the magazines whenever you feel like reading them?