Finally, the Kobo eReader Touch from Canada has been on the German market for a long time. Long battery life, lots of memory, a versatile library and the elegant design make the reader worth mentioning. Therefore here is the Advertorial of the KOBO eReader Touch.


  • 1. design of the KOBO eReader Touch
  • 2nd KOBO eReader Touch Display
  • 3rd library of the KOBO eReader Touch
  • 4. operation of the KOBO eReader Touch
  • 5. social sharing with the KOBO eReader
  • 6. price and availability

1. design of the KOBO eReader Touch

With a height of only one cm, the KOBO eReader Touch fits in any pocket. The device weighs only 185 g and is therefore ideally suited for mobile use. The modern design with the secure back scores points because the device lies super in the hand. There are 5 colours to choose from: Blue, black, purple, silver and white. The Kobo can therefore be selected in the desired colour.

2nd KOBO eReader Touch Display

The Kobo is equipped with a 6-inch Pearl-E-Ink-Touch display so that books and pictures can be viewed well. This gives you an overview of everything. The reading quality is excellent – even in bright light there is no impairment when reading. That would be a shame – after all, up to 30,000 books fit on the device.

3rd library of the KOBO eReader Touch

Around 2.2 million books are available in the Kobo Store. There you can also quickly fill up your library. Not all are liable to pay costs – 1 million books are free of charge. Of the books, about 80,000 are in German – from classics to new publications and Non-fiction meets every taste. The choice is really big.

4. operation of the KOBO eReader Touch

When using the KOBO eReader, it happens as if a printed book is being read because it’s quite easy. This is ensured by Real Touch technology. With a simple wiping movement, the user simply scrolls to the next page – it couldn’t be easier. The touch screen of the Kobo records the movements precisely and quickly. The operation itself is fluid. This is ensured by a powerful processor.

5. social sharing with the KOBO eReader

In times of Facebook it is hard to imagine life without the social aspect. If you like a book, you can tell your friends about it. With just a few clicks, your Facebook reading is recommended to your friends. The reading statistics and information about one’s own reading behaviour are also ingenious.

6. price and availability

The KOBO eReader Touch is now available in stores for 129 Euro (RRP). This makes the reader somewhat more expensive than the Kindle from Amazon, but it convinces with a touch screen, the possibility to download eBooks from various sources and the outstanding reading quality.