Anyone looking for a new checking account will almost despair. The offer is enormous and many banks lure with attractive offers with which one does not always know whether the current account offer does not have a hook.

Today I would like to introduce the free current account of Ing-Diba to you, because I am also a customer of Ing-Diba and so far very satisfied with the service.

Current account of Ing-Diba

The Girokonto shines with a free account guidance. For withdrawal and payment you will receive a VISA credit card and an EC-/MAESTRO card.

More information about Ing-Diba accounts

Advantages of the VISA card with Ing-Diba

  • There are 50 cents for every payment with the VISA card for every purchase over 50 EUR
  • You can withdraw money free of charge from all VISA-signed ATMs wherever the euro is available (50,000 ATMs in Germany, 250,000 in Europe).

Advantages of the EC-/MAESTRO card at Ing-Diba

  • Withdraw money for free at all Ing-Diba ATMs (1200 in Germany)
  • Of course you can pay in all shops that accept an EC card without paying any fees.

Extra account from Ing-Diba

The Ing-Diba extra account can also be obtained free of charge from the current account. This is ideal for saving money, as you can access the money at any time and transfer it free of charge. Transfers from the extra account are only possible to the current account – from there everywhere… The transfer Extrakonto-Girokonto takes place in real time. So the money is immediately available!

Click here for more information about the extra account

Advantages of Ing-Diba’s extra account

  • There is 1.50% interest p.a. on the extra account.
  • Secure, as only transactions to the current account are possible
  • free of charge and money transactions to and from current account possible at any time

Even Stiftung Warentest rated Ing-Diba’s overnight money account (extra account) with a grade of 1.9.