Australia is the continent that has long been a dream destination for people of all generations. An incredible number of people realize this dream every year anew. There is a small barrier because almost all nations need a visa for Australia. In the digital age, this formality can be easily completed online from the comfort of your home sofa. Anyone can apply for an electronic visa to Australia without complications.

Who grants the visa ? is the name of the responsible online visa authority. It is not state-organised, but a purely private company, which is equipped with the necessary licence. The government of Australia is not involved in the process.

The application for a visa is simply made online. In principle, only three steps are required on the computer. Australian Eta guides you through this task with a simple menu. The uncomplicated editing process is really simple. After a short time, the visa is issued directly online, which may take only a few minutes.

Those who do not cope well with the application will be offered round-the-clock assistance. There is also support by e-mail contact. AustraliaEta has considered possible contingencies.

The electronic travel authority for everyone

For a long time now, it has not only been holiday trips or visits to relatives that have been reasons for staying in Australia. In the global age, with economic contacts in all directions, many people have to visit the fifth continent for professional reasons, conferences, negotiations and meetings take place.

Approving business visas is also one of AustraliaEta’s tasks. Applicants for a business visa can come from all over the world. It starts with the letter A like Andorraan, goes over Germany, Italy and Switzerland, and reaches not least with the letter U up to the United States.

Apart from tourists and business, Australia Eta is also responsible for visas of transit passengers. Without preparation, for example, one cannot undertake a trip around the world. For Australia, in any case, obtaining transit visas through the electronic travel authority is extremely easy.

Important aspects of the application

Applications can only be successfully completed if the applicant answers all the questions correctly and completely in the application form, and in all cases truthfully. All the necessary information can be found on the company’s website in advance. Above all, a passport valid at the time of travel must not be missing. Other restrictions such as illness or employment are detailed on AustraliaEta’s website. If all criteria are met, issuing a visa online is practically child’s play. There is no need to go to the consulate. (advertising)