The own homepage can be still so good, if nobody finds the homepage or is made attentive to it, it brings to nobody something. Therefore it is important to promote the website. Cheap advertising does not have to be bad. Because everyone can also save money on online advertising. In this article we will show you some possibilities how to find cheap advertising for your own website.


  • 1. free advertising
  • 2. paid advertisement favorable for the homepage
  • 3. conclusion on online advertising

1. free advertising

Free advertising is that which does not cost anything in the sense that no money flows to an external company. Work (time and therefore money) becomes necessary for it nevertheless. The own homepage can be promoted over different services. As a suggestion I would like to list some points, how you can advertise your own homepage:

  • Finding and commenting on forums with suitable topics – The biggest advantage is that visitors can even access their own homepage via the forums.
  • Comment on suitable blog articles – Blog comments should be meaningful and really fit the topic. It is best to enter the correct (first) name in the form field as the name.
  • Regional industry book entries in the Internet – free of charge in industry books register brings new visitors and possibly also customers.
  • Cooperations with other webmasters – You advertise on your site and I advertise on my site. This brings new visitors and recommendations are often valuable.

2. paid advertisement favorable for the homepage

The free homepage advertisement stands also the liable to pay the costs advertisement More visitors can usually be won via paid advertisements. But even paid advertising does not have to be expensive. Here some favorable advertising measures:

  • Send press release – Press releases reach many people. If there is anything worth mentioning to report, the press release can be taken up by journalists. PR distributors offer for about 35 euros per message to spread the message on many PR portals.
  • Advertising on other websites/blogs – Wine merchants can e.g. pick out bloggers, test the wine and write to them regarding banner advertising. Depending on the reach of the page, the price is cheap to expensive. With a little research you will find lucrative advertising space in the sidebar for 30 euros per month with more than 4,000 visitors per day (on the blog).
  • Google Adwords – Google allows you to place ads on different websites. Here, however, the experience in dealing with Adwords should be available. Depending on the industry, advertising prices can otherwise skyrocket quickly.
  • Organize a lottery – Cleverly made lotteries quickly attract many visitors. Usually the website is also linked by other blogs and thus additionally provided with visitors. Sweepstakes are also popular via Facebook and Twitter. The price depends on the profit articles (e.g. Apple products are popular, but they are also correspondingly expensive).

3. conclusion on online advertising

Only a few possibilities to do “marketing” for your own website were listed here. There is free advertising – but usually this is associated with a.) a high expenditure of time or b.) a low success rate. Free and cheap advertising can be very effective. Creativity is an advantage here and probably the most important thing: If you want to save money on online advertising, you should at least have a good product or a good homepage.