Soon it will be and you will be married. But before you step with your beloved before the wedding altar, you want to go celebrate again properly. The bachelor farewell is probably one of the most important celebrations before a wedding and can be seen as a kind of farewell to single life. But that doesn’t have to make you sad, because with the right bachelor party a lot of fun is guaranteed. If you don’t want to go to the well-known nightclubs or bars, you should pack your best friends and make a trip to Prague.
The best places to go in night Prague are easy to reach by car, train and plane, immersing you directly in another world. The balancing act between an exciting story and an adventurous nightlife makes Prague the perfect address for your bachelor party. When it slowly gets dark, you can search for the most famous nightclub in Prague. You will find the Goldfingers Club in the five-star Hotel Ambassador and will certainly not regret it. Here the most beautiful women dance for you and at the same time you can enjoy exotic drinks and a relaxed atmosphere. It is therefore not surprising why this club is one of the most popular in the city. But also far away from this big nightclub you can experience a lot. Everywhere there are small bars, pubs and other establishments that you can visit. We recommend an exciting tour through the city’s most famous bars. The next day you will certainly celebrate your stag party big and long, which is why you will need a small relaxation programme the next day. Here too, Prague convinces immediately, because in the many cafés you can first recharge your batteries with a delicious cup of coffee. There are also infinite many restaurants where you can fill the empty stomach. Prague is known for its hearty cuisine. If needed, you can not only enjoy the funny side of Getting to know Prague, but also the historical cornerstones of this city. Guided tours are offered to take you to parts of the city you would never have discovered. But also some action can still be on the agenda, because different possibilities, like a ride on a quad bike, are available in and around Prague. In this respect you get a wonderful combination of a wild party night and a relaxing next day. Find the most famous nightclub in Prague here.