The Category Posts Widget WordPress Plugin chronologically displays posts from categories at the end of a post.

Related article contributions are possible.

Why did no plugin satisfy me for the time being?

I have tested the most diverse plugins to insert related articles.

Nothing please me. There were disadvantages everywhere. This is an excerpt of the 5 or more tested plugins:

  • It had to be strongly “tinkered” in the themes.
  • A degree of kinship could only be established by means of tags.
  • tags would again require a plugin specifically for this work. A plugin in use that needs another plugin to work properly with the plugin. No, thank you.
  • Some plugins require the creation of special tables in the database. Horrible.
  • Contributions had to be linked manually and manually. I imagined how long it would take to link 10 x 10 contributions with 5 contributions.

And a lot of other shortcomings that made it difficult for me to choose and find a tool. Sure, I admit. There are many good plugins for displaying related articles within pages.

But they didn’t make me happy. And a simple, fast target could not be achieved.

Category Posts Widget WordPress Plugin in use

I basically work hierarchically in categories. For me, this corresponds to the logical structure of a website and the human understanding.

Tag clouds are difficult for many Internet users to understand, because the technology is little known and do not form a (at first glance) summarizing structure.

And to make it easy: What you don’t understand right away, you don’t use. So my categories were born and this is also a reason why I don’t use tags.

I’m pulling it out. It also proposes to offer more categories, but to separate them more thematically. So actually, post 1 in category X is related to post 2 in category X. Otherwise I would not post 2 posts in the same category. Logical? Sure.

And contributions from different categories have virtually no relevance to kinship. Certain are articles about themes – related to WordPress and articles about plugins also with WordPress. But these two categories are not related to each other.

Advantage of categories to create related posts

Category Posts Widget WordPress Plugin displays configurably the last n posts, chronological (newest first) or anti-chronological (oldest first) of the same category below a post.

Related articles or related posts – from another way of viewing. But with the intended result.

Of course, the tool would be of little use if your categories had 3 digit contribution numbers.

Just give it a try. As a tip I would recommend to display the oldest contributions. So your old content will come to light again.

Advantages of the plugin

  • No “tinkering” in Themes.
  • Ready for action immediately. Automatically integrates into the theme.
  • No difficult configuration necessary.
  • Use categories instead of tags


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