The following Opel Corsa accessories simplify your work:

  • href=””target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow noopener”>socket set 1/4″ 36 pcs CV Proxxon (at

Car Hifi recommendation for Opel Corsa

You want some good sound for your Corsa, then here are my favorites!

Good car radio recommendation, good:

Stop! Radio bezel, please:

Car loudspeaker up to 80€ recommendation:

  • Magnat loudspeakers. take coax loudspeakers, then you don’t have to install and hide any oll crossovers and no small mini loudspeakers in the mirror triangle fumbled (you notice, I do not stand up fumbled 🙂 – at the car of course).

Stop! Stop! You still need Opel Corsa for the speakers, built-in frames:

Car amplifier recommendation (And if you want some more fuck:):

  • HIFONICS TITAN TSI6004 4-channel amplifier – with one 4 channels have everything you need! 2 channels you bridge for the subwoofer and 2 channels you use for the front! And no, you don’t buy 50000 watt cheap brand now, but buy something neat! I listed it extra for you! With Hifonics, what’s written on it comes out. There you go. And no iron steam from the 10,000-watt cheap brands.

Subwoofer car recommendation, we want something good:

  • Hifonics BX 12 BP subwoofer, I like the Hifonics design! Sure, there are active subwoofers for the car (there’s the amplifier on the subwoofer), there’s nothing like a separate subwoofer and amplifier!

Cable sets Car Hifi, (thicker is better):

  • Dietz 20135 cable set based on 35 mm² , yes costs, but you don’t go below 30 mm, otherwise you have too much power loss! 50 mm thick would be ingenious, but you won’t get laid! 20 mm would be fine, you savers, but don’t go any smaller, promise me! But bought 10mm? Keep it to yourself!

Good speaker cable (1.5mm cable is sufficient for front speakers – believe me, 2.5mm cable bring in front) nothing more, except more annoying annoying relocation):

phew… that was my mini-list for good Opel Corsa Car Hifi Sound now!

Buy it!

Which books about Opel Corsa can I recommend?

You want to screw, but right? I bought my own Opel Corsa C book for repair Favorit, which I can recommend:

For Opel Corsa D: