Bisley cupboards and office furniture are the perfect cupboards for modern office use.

High-quality design and effective functions are brought into symbiosis with the manufacturer’s current cabinets.

In regular office use, the strengths of these products become apparent, so that they can be used universally and offer excellent use in all kinds of office situations thanks to their generous compatibility.

There is impeccable quality and modern technology, which is reflected in the fact that steel is formed in a professional form into trend-setting solutions.

Bisley itself has been in existence since 1941, and over the years has demonstrated through a modern image and regular innovation how a company can adapt to the growing demands of today’s office environment.

Modern cupboards are still being further developed today, classics are being perfected in love with detail and new products are being introduced, so that a large product range serves to supplement the growing requirements of today’s office furnishings.

For example, the high quality of the products is demonstrated by precise manufacturing with laser technology and the use of know-how for generations and the most modern tools for production.

At you will find all the modern articles of the working world, such as card index boxes or filing cabinets, so that the office workplace can be optimally designed.

For example, documents can be accessed quickly with a card index box, a large number of card indexes can be managed with a card index cabinet, and a simple roll container can be found in many modern offices under the desk to save space and quickly reach small but important things.

An extensive range of accessories and spare parts completes the range, and modern shapes and colours give every office an individual look and personal appearance.

Bisley is the undisputed leading European manufacturer of steel cabinets. Everyone knows the formative cabinets with label holders invented many years ago by Freddy Brown.

Today, high-quality materials and workmanship are displayed in the office, which are designed in the town of Bisley.

Bisley steel furniture is robust, discreet, practical: documents, plans, are easily accessible, stored and space-saving.

Even large technical plans pose no challenge: flexible solutions make architects’ hearts flare up, and even small roll containers decorate the desk.

But about steel: longevity is demonstrated by powder-coated sheet steel, which even after years of daily use defies the adversities. Quality pays off. And an investment in robust steel furniture is also reflected in increased productivity and employee satisfaction.

Modern colours are possible to give even creative requirements an individual look and feel.

Quality, durability and design, and safe storage through pull-out locks.

Bisley steel cabinets should be found in every office (buy from Amazon).